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Brains, Business & Your Bottom Line

Your success depends on your capacity – how much you have, and what you do with it. Your results are about building and leveraging capacity to produce and deliver your products and/or services. In the knowledge and intelligence economies, your success and results depend on how well you care for and use your brain, and the brains of those around you. Click here to learn more.

Each workshop outlined below is:

a. Designed to support the Individual, the Team, the Organization, or a combination among these as shown in this graphic.

b. Designed and delivered with the brain in mind – which means with an understanding of how we naturally learn, think, remember and make decisions.

c. Available in 1/2-day, 1-day or 2-day formats as indicated.

Build Your Capacity, Increase Your Productivity:
Live, Learn and Work with Your Brain in Mind

Success in the 21st Century Knowledge and Intelligence Economy is about capacity – how much you have and what you do with it. Ongoing research into how our brain performs at its best is giving us new insights into how we learn, think, remember, and make decisions. The content outlined below is available as a series of 1/2-day workshops, or in 1-day or 2-day formats.

Productivity improvement workshops are available as follows:

a. Bottom-line results are about the timely and appropriate application of your understanding. Mind mapping can significantly accelerate and improve the quality of your … (learn more)

b. Speed reading is the other critical path basic skill for knowledge and intelligence professionals. In today’s often competitive and resource-conscious, knowledge-intensive work environments, it’s no longer good enough to be an average learner. In this best-in-class, highly impactful 4-hour program, Howard Berg (World’s Fastest Reader, Guinness) will share the speed learning strategies that have made him popular with thousands of client organizations, and led to the sale of hundreds of thousands of his speed reading programs … (learn more)

c. In addition to learning to use mind mapping and speed reading to increase your productivity, there are several Basic Productivity Strategies that will help you to build capacity and to leverage that capacity to your best advantage. This workshop is available in a 1/2-day or 1-day format, with the following content … (learn more)

Improve Your Memory:
Use More of the Capacity You Already Have

Your brain determines how you learn, think, remember, and make decisions. Your memory helps you to shape your understanding of your present, and your application of your memories helps you to shape your future. Your memory is a window into the health of your brain, how you care for it, and how you use it. How well your memory works helps to determine how much you get done in a day and the quality of your work. Your memory also helps to define who you are – for yourself and for those around you … family members, friends, colleagues, others.

This very engaging, interactive, and memorable (!) content is available in 1/2-day, 1-day or 2-day workshop formats. You’ll learn about your memory, how it works, how you can use more of your memory and recall capacity more easily, what most memory issues are really about, and you’ll get all your questions about memory answered … (learn more)

Manage Your Stress, Longevity and Brain Fitness:
Which Brain Do You Want?

How many of us have suffered from Smallpox? Scarlet fever? Malaria? Bubonic plague? For most of us, these are diseases of the past. More recently, we’ve moved on to other challenges to our individual and collective health …

“The diseases that plague us now are ones of slow accumulation of damage – heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disorders … we have come to recognize the vastly complex intertwining of our biology and our emotions, the endless ways in which our personalities, feelings, and thoughts both reflect and influence the events in our bodies … [in other words] stress can make us sick, and a critical shift in medicine has been … (learn more)

Learn The Secret to Excellence – Train Your Brain for Success:
How Your Brain Can Help You to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be

We’ve all thought about what we’d like our lives to look like – our own version of excellence. If you’re already satisfied with your life as it is, then you probably already know that there’s a formula for succeeding. And you’ve probably already learned what you needed to learn, and done what you needed to do. On the other hand, if you’d like to learn how to make further progress, this workshop, available in 1/2-day or 1-day formats, will help you with what you need to learn and do.

Recognizing that you live a busy life, we’ve researched and gathered the wisdom of many of the more popular (and successful) self-improvement and personal success speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, motivators, and gurus from around the world … (learn more)

Learn To Lead with the Brain in Mind:
Use More of the Capacity You’re Already Paying For

Leading and managing with the brain in mind requires a practical working understanding of what’s happening in your own brain and in the brains of those around you. In the absence of this understanding, leadership and management results often come to reflect merely the availability of the hands and feet of team members.

This high performance workshop, available in 1/2-day or 1-day formats, is about … (learn more)

Create Psychosocially Healthy, Safe and Productive Workplaces:
Address Motivation, Productivity, and Stress-Related Absenteeism and Disability – by Working with Their Brains in Mind

We know that there’s a solid business case for developing healthy workplaces – doing so makes good business sense. With growing numbers of employees experiencing higher levels of stress-related absenteeism and disability, we know that doing so also makes good people sense. What’s less well known is how to do it.

For over 15 years, the challenging state of many Canadian workplaces has been extensively surveyed … (learn more)

Take Charge of Change – with the Brain in Mind:
Supply More of Your Capacity to Meet the Demands of Change with Less Stress

Our brains are designed to deal with change in small steps. Significant changes (in the way we work, in where we live or earn our income, in our employment or personal relationships, and elsewhere in our lives) impact us at the cellular level in our brain and body.

This workshop, available in 1/2-day or 1-day formats, will provide you with … (learn more)

Learn To Train with the Brain in Mind:
Adult Learning Principles – The Next Generation

If you have a commitment to personal growth and to helping others to realize, enjoy, and contribute their potential, then learning to design, deliver, lead, and train with the brain in mind could be the next step for you.

Leading and training are about the same thing – influencing behaviours. The leader … (learn more)