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With the Brain in Mind …

Jim Muckle is the only human performance specialist in the world who is both a Certified Professional Facilitator and professionally Certified in Applied Educational Neuroscience.

He has also trained in the Open Space group facilitation methodology with Harrison Owen, the founder of modern Open Space. His facilitator’s tool kit therefore includes a version of Open Space designed and delivered with the brain in mind.

This unique combination of training and experience means that his facilitated processes can help you to use more of the background, experience, creativity, and capacity of team members and colleagues that you’re already paying for.

Most facilitators work with the behaviours of clients and group members. Behaviours are always subject to our interpretations. We think we know what’s behind those behaviours and what they mean, but without brain-based training and experience, we’re doing a great deal of guessing.

We now know that each behaviour is the reflection of an underlying brain state. When we lead, manage, guide, or facilitate with the brain in mind, we have more information to work with, we can ask better questions (and develop more useful answers), we understand more of what’s going on, and we will always produce better results.

For more information:

a. International Association of Facilitators, where Jim Muckle is a Lifetime Member.

b. The Jensen Learning Corporation listing of Certified Trainers.

c. The Open Space Institute of Canada.

Are your investments in group facilitation taking your brains to the next level? Are you getting the results you want? Like to learn more?

Contact Jim at: (613) 841-4332 / jim.muckle@BrainsInAction.com