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Ultimate Reading Solution Program

Advances in brain research continue to improve our understanding of how we learn, think, remember, and apply what we’ve learned. In this 3-disc Program (including over 3 hours of video content), world-renowned leaders in learning, Howard Stephen Berg (World’s Fastest Reader, Guinness, 25,000 words per minute) and Dr. Kuni Michael Beasley, share their insights into how to use more of your natural learning capacity to compete more effectively in today’s globally competitive, knowledge-rich learning and working environments.

In their Ultimate Reading Solution Program, Howard and Kuni show you:

*  How the brain reads, and how to train your brain to read and learn faster.

*  How to expand and use your schema to increase your reading and learning speed.

*  How to define and apply your purpose to read and learn faster.

*  How to move from boring to interesting.

*  How to use hand motions to help you focus and read and learn faster.

*  How to increase your understanding and improve your comprehension.

*  How to progress through the four levels of reading competence.

*  How to use the four types of reading to your learning advantage.

*  How to use your reading and learning skills to work with special applications.

*  How to use memory techniques, including pegging, to improve your learning.

*  How to use your emotional intelligence to help you read and learn faster.

*  How to continually improve your reading and learning speed in just minutes a day.


Click here to see Howard Berg reading the 1,503-page U.S. Health Care Bill in 50 minutes!

For questions or to learn more about the Ultimate Reading Solution Program, contact Jim Muckle at (902) 980-2073 / jim.muckle@icloud.com


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