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Learning Faster & Better

Learning Faster & Better (DVD)

In our global community, where knowledge is co-created and instantly shared, and our lives are interactive as never before, the future belongs to learners. Those who can learn faster and better are leading the way. Jim Muckle and Howard Berg (World’s Fastest Reader, Guinness) invite you into the world of ‘learning faster and better’ … an essential place to visit for learners of all ages, particularly those who would like to have more control over their time, choices and future … in today’s and tomorrow’s information- and knowledge-rich living, learning and working environments.

We are all knowledge workers or knowledge professionals. Each of us adds value by applying our understanding to produce products and/or deliver services. We develop that understanding by sorting and organizing information and knowledge. Competitive advantage and better bottom line results are about learning to move from Sorting to Understanding to Practical Application faster and better.

In this 3-part Learning Faster and Better Program, Jim and Howard show you:

*  How to separate your learning process into five essential steps.

*  How the absence of any of these steps significantly undermines your learning.

*  How to accelerate your movement from Information to Understanding to Practical Application.

*  How to think more effectively about what Understanding looks like in your brain.

*  How to get to Understanding more quickly, and improve your ‘bottom line.’

*  How you lose when you leap directly from Information to an appealing solution.

*  How your brain comprehends text, and how to put this knowledge to work for you.

*  How teaching your brain to learn visually will change your life.

*  How the Learning Advantage Program can help you, your colleagues, your family.

*  How you can acquire the four key accelerated learning skills: Reading, Studying/Analyzing, Test-Taking/Application, and Writing.

This 3-part, 66-minute Program includes:

  1. Introduction to Learning Faster and Better (Jim Muckle).
  2. The Learning Journey: From Information to Understanding to Practical Application (Jim Muckle).
  3. How to Learn Anything Faster and Better (Howard Berg).

For questions or to learn more about Learning Faster & Better, contact Jim Muckle at (902) 980-2073 / jim.muckle@icloud.com