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Changing Nature of Success Map

Capacity Building & Productivity Improvement Planning Map


MUCKLE Mapping (Online Program/DVD) FREE Downloads:

Segments I-IV – Intro Slides (.pdf)

Segment II – Learning Journey Template (.pdf)

Segment II – The Learning Journey (.pdf)

Segment III – MUCKLE Mapping Guide Slide (.pdf)

Segment III – MUCKLE Mapping Map (.pdf)

Segment III – 3 Main Reasons & Golden Rule of Mapping (.pdf)

Summary Slides for Segments I, II, III & IV are available by contacting Jim at:     (613) 841-4332 / jim.muckle@BrainsInAction.com


The Ultimate Brain Book Resources:

The Ultimate Brain Book Table of Contents Mind Map (w/o links)

Your Ultimate Brain Book Learning Guide (.pdf)

The Ultimate Brain Book – Getting Started (video)

The Ultimate Brain Book Printer Friendly Binder Cover (.pdf)

Additional free Ultimate Brain Book downloads and supporting resources (various)


Particularly Useful Web Sites:

BrainFacts.org – learn about Brain Basics: Sensing, Thinking & Behaving; Brain Diseases & Disorders; Across the Lifespan; and lots more … (Supported by the Society for Neuroscience)