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Your Brain

What is Your Brain Doing for you today?

Your brain determines:

a. How much you get done in a day.
b. The quality of your work.
c. How well you live and work with your colleagues, family members, and others.
d. How effectively you learn.
e. How easily you remember.
f. How well you adapt to change.
g. How you manage your money.
h. How you bring up your children.
i. What your work-life balance looks like.
j. Whether your time off is part of the stress-related absenteeism or disability that accounts for about 70 percent of workdays lost in Canadian workplaces.
k. Whether you are contributing to the estimated $54 billion in lost productivity in Canadian workplaces each year due to brain health issues.
l. Whether you’re having a good time … or not!
m. And (of course) much more …

Why Might You Care?

The quality of your life is about your capacity – how much you have and what you do with it. Building your capacity will give you more choices. Leveraging that capacity will help you to produce and enjoy more of your desired results. Learning to take great care of your brain, and those other important brains around you, will help you get there faster and better!

What’s Available?

Jim Muckle can show you and your colleagues how to care for and leverage your most valuable assets –  your brains, and those other important brains around you – at work, at home … in all aspects of your life.

Using the science of how we learn, think, remember, and make decisions, Jim can show you how to:

  1. Use more of the capacity you’re already paying for. Why think about hiring more people or cutting back on what you can do, when you probably have other options?
  2. Get more done, in less time, with better results.
  3. Improve your returns on learning, training and leadership investments.
  4. Create more productive workplaces.
  5. Live healthier and grow younger.

And, of course, there’s much more …!

Are any of the following questions of interest to you?

  1. Are you looking for a keynote speaker or workshop presenter on a topic related to the brain and learning, better brain health for longer, building capacity, improving productivity, or other aspect of human performance – with the brain in mind?
  2. Is stress affecting your productivity?
  3. Are you getting a good night’s sleep?
  4. Is your brain doing its best work for you?
  5. Are those other brains around you doing their best work?
  6. Are you leading or managing with the brain in mind?
  7. Are you wondering if learning more about your brain would be useful to you – complete the Brain Audit of your choice.
  8. Do you want to get started on learning more about your brain and what it can do for you – invest in The Ultimate Brain Book - your quick and easy-to-use guide to learning almost anything about your brain in just 2 clicks!
  9. Do you want to improve your biological age and start making progress today – check out The Genius Program!
  10. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask Jim about your brain, or those other important brains around you? You can contact Jim as indicated below.

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