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Stress, Longevity & Brain Fitness

Who’s In Charge of Your Biological Age?

For most of us, smallpox, scarlet fever, bubonic plague, malaria, influenza, and other infectious diseases belong in the past. Today we suffer widely from diseases of the slow accumulation of damage – heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disorders … conditions that can be caused, or made worse over time, by stress.

Stress has a lot to do with how we manage the supply of, and the demand for, our capacity. We can learn to expand and leverage our capacity so that we can take on more demands. And we can adjust the demands we take on so that they align better with the capacity we wish to invest.

The difference, particularly when demand exceeds supply, shows up as stress. A manageable amount of stress is essential for healthy living. When the demands you take on exceed your supply by a substantial amount, and do so for an extended period of time, you put your immune system, your brain health and fitness, and your longevity, at risk.

This session invites you to:

  1. Take charge of your lifelong brain health and development.
  2. Learn how to help those other important brains around you to do the same.
  3. Develop and begin to implement your personal longevity plan.
  4. Consider what happiness looks like for you.
  5. Make choices to help your brain to do its best work for you.
  6. Take charge of managing and improving your biological age.

Are you seeing the symptoms of stress – complaints about small things, morale issues, reduced productivity, absenteeism, even disability? Could this session help you get started on turning things around? Like to learn more?

Contact Jim at: (902) 980-2073 / jim.muckle@icloud.com