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Brains, Business & Your Bottom Line

Which Brain Do You Want?

Your success depends on your capacity – how much you have and what you do with it. Most of us are busy people – work, kids, the house, exercise & sports, nutrition, parents, clubs, relationships, recreation, community, … we put a lot in our calendars, and often find we’re pressed for time. Some of these things we can control, some we can’t.

Do you see people around you who somehow manage to get it done, AND seem relaxed about it at the same time? What can we learn from these people? You’ll probably find that they regularly invest in themselves – to build their capacity, AND to leverage that capacity to be more productive. They probably sleep well, eat well, and exercise regularly. AND they’ve probably invested some time and energy in learning a few accelerated learning tools so that they can get more done in less time, and produce even better results as well!

Surprisingly, some people conclude that they’re too busy to learn these tools and methods. “Surprisingly,” because investing a few hours from time to time could make a big difference in their quality of life, their level of satisfaction, and even their longevity – because of lower stress, and because of taking charge of other factors.

This session invites you to:

  1. Use the Brain Audit of your choice to decide if learning more about your brain would be useful to you.
  2. Identify those aspects of capacity building where you’re already doing a great job, and those where a little more time invested would help you to have more of the life you want.
  3. Identify tools that you’re already using to leverage your capacity, and others that could help you to produce even more of the results you want to see when you get up in the morning.
  4. Develop quick and easy-to-take next steps that will make a difference for you, and for those around you.

Would this session on building and leveraging your capacity be useful to your colleagues? Like to learn more?

Contact Jim at: (902) 980-2073 / jim.muckle@icloud.com