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Genius Program


The Genius Program is based on the premise that: Life is about Capacity – how much you have, and what you do with it.

This Program is about building your capacity and leveraging that capacity to help you get more done in less time, and to help you produce and enjoy more of the results you want in your life.

The following collection of learning materials, training, workshops, coaching, and ongoing learning support comprises The Genius Program – a formula for developing exceptional performance and results in the current globally competitive Knowledge economy and the developing Intelligence economy.


There are two options for participating in The Genius Program:

a. You may begin by registering in Level I and progress from level to level in sequence.

b. You may register for the level of your choice. By registering at any given level (e.g. Level IV), you receive all of the resources identified in the earlier levels (e.g. Levels I, II and III).

We are currently automating the registration sequence and some aspects of The Genius Program to respond to your interests more quickly. If you have any questions about The Program, please contact us at: (613) 841-4332 / 1-888-384-6666.


Level I/Introduction (series of 4 weekly emails) – $27*:

1. Sign up & Week 1Examine your current health & wellbeing. Calculate your Health Age or Biological Age using one of the world’s most current and best supported online evaluation tools.

2. Week 2Set your goals and develop your personal health management action plan for living younger longer.

3. Week 3: Working with “The Rules” and using your Stress Tips & Symptoms Map, identify your priorities and further develop your personal action plan.

4. Week 4: Discuss your planned changes with your health care professional, and begin to settle into your new routine. Choose the ongoing learning option(s) that work best for you.


Level II/Learning Resources – $97*:

1. The Ultimate Brain Book, with particular attention to Topic 4-6: Memory.

2. Learning Faster & Better.

3. Mind Mapping the MUCKLE way.

4. Learn to use these resources with e-mail support for 30 days.


Level III/Capacity Building coaching and support for 8 weeks – $497*:

1. Review Changing Nature of Success map (Free Stuff) and personal experience.

2. Complete Brain Audit of your choice; identify top 3 capacity building areas.

3. Prepare or update a mind map of your capacity building plan and take action.

4. E-mail and bi-weekly 1/2-hour coaching call support for 8 weeks.


Level IV/High Performance Learning coaching & support, 13 weeks – $997*:

1. Identify your top 2 desired performance improvement areas and results in your work/life.

2. From your preferred Brain Audit, identify your top 3 productivity improvement areas.

3. Make arrangements to partner with a personal/workplace accountability partner.

4. E-mail and weekly 1/2-hour coaching call support for 13 weeks.


Level V/Productivity Improvement coaching & support, 26 weeks – $1,997*:

1. Identify your desired performance improvements & results, including personal work/life balance.

2. Identify areas of interest from The Ultimate Brain Book and your preferred Brain Audit.

3. Develop or update a mind map of your action plan, including supporting relationships.

4. E-mail and weekly 1/2-hour coaching call support for 26 weeks.


Would you like to be using more of your natural capacity to produce more of the results you want? The Genius Program can help you to build your capacity and increase your productivity. Like to learn more?

Contact Jim at: (613) 841-4332 / jim.muckle@BrainsInAction.com

* No additional HST.