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Brain Audits

Which Brain Audit is Right for You?

Would you like a quick, easy way to find out if learning more about your brain could help you to produce more of the results you want?

To learn more:

  1. Select your preferred Brain Audit from the menu below.
  2. Click on the link, download, print.
  3. Follow the two Action Steps.
  4. Phone, fax or e-mail if you wish.

1. Leadership & Management Brain Audit: executive, chair, departmental, division, team, project, other.

2. Business Brain Audit: individual, supervisor, team leader, office manager, executive, director, other.

3. Legislator Brain Audit: municipal, band, provincial, state, territorial, federal, senate, other.

4. Government Workplace Brain Audit: municipal, band, provincial, state, territorial, federal, senate, other.

5. Professional Service Provider Brain Audit: policing, firefighting, health care, legal, financial, other.

6. Small Business Brain Audit: self-employed, partnership, team, product/service provider, other.

7. Consultant Brain Audit: sales, leadership, engineering, technology, project, coach, facilitator, other.

8. Professional Speaker Brain Audit: experts in leadership, sales, performance, service, marketing, other.

9. Not-for-Profit Brain Audit: community development, operating unit, service centre, volunteer, other.

10. Training & Learning Brain Audit: business, government, health care, local, regional, national, other.

11. Education & Learning Brain Audit: school, academy, college, university, teacher’s college, trades, other.

12. Learner & Student Brain Audit: elementary, school, college, university, classroom, apprentice, other.

13. Parenting & Family Brain Audit: children, sisters, brothers, parents, cousins, friends, family, other.

14. Sports Brain Audit: children, youth, parents, friends, family, coaches, physical education teachers, other.

15. Aging Brain Audit: parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, taking care of your brain at any age, everyone.