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Testimonials for Jim’s Presentations, Workshops & Training Sessions

MUCKLE Mapping and Speed Learning/Reading Testimonial

Video testimonial for Amazing Learning Day (Jim Muckle’s MUCKLE Mapping and Howard Berg’s Speed Learning/Reading Programs) by Janet McCredie, Relationship & Divorce Recovery Coach, Family (Divorce) & Workplace Mediator, Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. To learn more, visit www.ManageMyKnowledgeBetter.com.


Mind Mapping The MUCKLE Way

Video testimonial on MUCKLE Mapping by Raymond Labonte, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker. To learn more, visit www.MUCKLEmapping.com or www.BrainsInAction.net.



Testimonial For Mind Mapping The MUCKLE Way

Video testimonial By Jim Moran, MA Ed., President, The Learning Alliance Inc., www.PowerPresentationPoints.com. To learn more, visit www.MUCKLEmapping.com and www.BrainsInAction.net.



Jim Muckle talks about the mind-mapping workshop

Interview posted by Mills Community Support (www.TheMills.on.ca) on mind mapping workshop for staff and friends of The Mills. To learn more, visit www.MUCKLEmapping.com and www.BrainsInAction.net.


Participant comments on workshops:

“Definitely take it!

You’ll use it (mind mapping) in all aspects of your life.”

T. Ploughman,

Canadian Crown Corporation

“Interactive and easy to learn.”

Winston Shariff,

Participant in team-based mind mapping workshop

[Plan to do right away] “Teach and use this with my teenagers and at work.”

Nicole Catlin,

Mind mapping workshop participant

[To someone considering this workshop] “Absolutely! Helps formulate thoughts and complex projects quickly – great to use in a team session to get involved!”

Mind mapping workshop participant

[Enjoyed most] “The importance of seeing the whole picture on one page.

[Plan to do right away] Do a personal map and a work map.”

Bernadette McLeod,

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

[Enjoyed most] “Having the ability to see the big picture and easily have it available to others.”

[To someone considering this workshop] “Easy method to achieve some clarity.”

[Plan to do right away] “Map my future.”

Pat Vachon,

AMS Imaging

[Plan to do right away] “Apply this to a paper I’m writing.”

Trevor Mattey,

Team-based mind mapping workshop participant

“It’s a great way to think outside of the box and to make brainstorming fun.”

Evelyn Speers,

Canadian Crown Corporation

[Enjoyed most] “How easy it is to start mapping and how useful [maps] can be.”

Chad Rosebush,

Workshop participant

[To someone considering this mind mapping workshop] “Try it if you’ve never experienced it as it may open your mind to new ways of doing and being.”

[Plan to do right away] “Use it next retreat session to plan/vision/etc.”

Margaret Lerhe,

Director of Learning, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa

[To someone considering this mind mapping workshop] “It will help you organize and remember information more effectively.”

Janet McCredie,

Relationship Coach, Family & Divorce Mediator

“Excellent, innovative, interactive, educational and fun.”

Jane Cass,

Nurse Practioner, Bruyère Continuing Care