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Jim Muckle – Bio

Jim Muckle, CD, CAEN, MBA … ‘The Brain Guy’

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What Does He Do?

Jim Muckle specializes in showing leaders and managers how to take care of their most important assets – their brains and the brains of those around them. He speaks, coaches, trains, and facilitates to support individuals, teams and organizations in:

a. increasing their capacity – which helps them to reduce their stress and improve their performance. Would you like to be using more of the capacity you’re already paying for?

b. using that increased capacity to be more productive – which helps them to produce more of their desired work/life results, including in their workplace goals and ‘bottom line.’

c. taking great care of their brains – which helps them to enjoy better overall health for longer. Could you and your colleagues be ‘living younger?’ Do you have a longevity plan?

What Could He Do For You?
Each individual, team and organization has their own issues, passions and priorities. To find out what would be most useful to you, click here to identify and download the Brain Audit that most closely reflects your work/life interests.

What Has He Done?
Jim’s academic studies have included economics, mathematics and business. He is professionally certified in Applied Educational Neuroscience – the practical application of the science of how we learn, think, remember, and make decisions. With many years of experience as a professional facilitator, he is a lifetime member of the International Association of Facilitators. He is also a member of the Open Space Institute of Canada. He is a past member of the Board of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

He has over 45 years of domestic and international learning and leadership experience. As a logistics officer in the Canadian Air Force, he supported Canadian troops in the far north, Europe, and the Middle East; and he served with NORAD and NATO. As a civilian with National Defence, he worked with representatives from other federal departments, and on behalf of Canada’s interests around the Pacific Rim.

In addition to being the author or editor of several practical workshop handbooks, he is the author of MUCKLE Mapping (on DVD), and the co-author with Howard Berg, the World’s Fastest Reader (Guinness) and learner, of a 3-part DVD on Learning Faster & Better. And he is the author of The Ultimate Brain Book, a quick and easy-to-use guide to learning almost anything about your brain on the Internet in just 2 clicks!

He is an active member of several community groups, and a Board member of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum. He is a Service Officer for his local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, helping to provide support to Veterans and their families. Jim is also an Advisory Board member for Amarok Society, a Canadian charity that establishes and operates schools in Bangladesh.

His personal interests include hiking, downhill skiing, cycling, aerobics, reading for relaxation, yoga, travel, and keeping his brain young. His biological age is several years younger than his chronological age.