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29 Top Reasons NOT…

To Have Jim Speak to Your Group

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1. You’re already using more of the capacity you’re already paying for!
2. You already know what to look for in hiring Knowledge Professionals!
3. You already know the 4 Golden Rules of Sleep!
4. You already enjoy the benefits of leading and managing with the brain in mind!
5. Your brain is already doing its best work for you!
6. You already know what’s happening in those teenage brains!
7. You already know the 2 secrets to growing more and better brain cells!
8. You’re already implementing your longevity plan!
9. You already know the #1 secret to learning faster and better!
10. You already use your brain to solve complex problems while you’re sleeping!
11. You’re already using The Next Generation of Adult Learning Principles to leverage your brain power!
12. You already know about the first thing to do for your brain when you get up in the morning!
13. You already read at least 800-1,000 words per minute with excellent comprehension and recall!
14. You already know the top three areas to focus on to help your brain be AMAZING!
15. You already know how Knowledge Professionals contribute to improving your ‘bottom line!’
16. You already know what happiness looks like in your brain, and how to get there!
17. Your biological age is already several years less than your chronological age!
18. You’ve already sorted out issues related to healthy and productive workplaces!
19. You already know how to minimize the likelihood of having Alzheimer’s in your future!
20. You’re already using a variety of tips and tools to help your memory do a good job for you!
21. You already know what understanding looks like in your brain, and how to get there quickly!
22. You already know that Knowledge Economy success is different from Industrial Economy success!
23. You already train your brain each day to produce more of the results you want!
24. You already manage the 5 steps in the learning process, and don’t leave any of them out!
25. You already use the 2 most effective tools for excelling as a Knowledge Professional!
26. You’ve already addressed motivation and productivity issues in your work force!
27. You already know that most memory recall issues are about something else!
28. You already know what a Knowledge Professional is and does!
29. You already taking great care of your brain … and those other important brains around you!

However, if you WOULD like to talk with Jim about having him speak to your group, you could call him at (902) 980-2073. E-mail address below.